Dear surfers

My name is Dudu Koren and I am an independent photographer. I work at the field of events for over a decade.

Photography is a dream come true for me and moreover I got the chance to work and fulfill my true passion.

The camera is a mean that allows me to paint and sculpture through light.

I am making an effort to capture great moments through time that I manage to document with and for you.

After years of dealing with the varied photography areas, likewise learning in professional frames, I learned that the most important thing of all is to be updated and lead innovations. Therefore, I created my personal signature as a photographer, working a clean line filled with humor. This reflects my character and also the professional team I work with.

We use different kinds of photography techniques, which demonstrate the way we see you' first as a couple' and then the whole event. From a colorful, happy and sometimes crazy point of view.





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